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Let the memory be eternal and the care - continual

Manufacture of monuments

We are prepared to assist you in selection, purchase of monuments and other stone products. We suggest you order a monument with our partners. All the monuments and products from granite and granite chips are made of high quality materials using modern equipment. A wide selection of stone of different colours and places of origin, various shapes and sizes allows you to make your choice without any hesitations.


Granite memorials


A memorial derives from the word memory. MEMORY is so dear to our hearts, it warms our souls and we keep it throughout our whole lives. Wherever we are, if we do not remember our roots – we fall off as a leave falls off the tree, rush through the life without support and get lost in this big world. Such support is provided by the memory of our loved ones, who, unfortunately, are no longer with us, but who invisibly guard and protect us. To preserve this memory for longer and show our respect to the deceased the long­lasting granite memorials are set up. It was on granite memorials that names and emblems of noble families were carved.


Durability is the ability of natural stone to resist weathering for a long time while it preserves the original properties and appearance. However, it is still required to treat granite products: to clean and protect them one needs to wash them with a specific solution and to polish them with wax composition. The polished stone acquires a smooth surface that does not loose its properties for centuries.



Our team of professionals offers delivery and installation of granite monuments in the city of Vitebsk and the region. It is recommended to install a monument not earlier than one year after the burial, as there is active subsidence. Our specialist takes into account the weight of the headstone; type of soil at the burial place; time since the funeral took place; location of new graves nearby etc. We guarantee the work we do and also offer free storage of the items until their installation.


Granite fence


We also offer granite fence. This noble natural material allows you to create your own special, individual style for the grave, different from the others. When such fence is erected, it demonstrates the value of the place of burial, its prestige, as well as the wish to preserve the memory as long as possible. A combination of granite headstone and fence makes the overall picture more balanced. Depending on the customer’s wish, the height of the pillars can be adjusted and metal inserts may be added between the pillars.


Granite vases


Granite vases as a part of a gravestone memorial are not only a practical element that allows putting live and artificial flowers into a specially designated place, but also add a finishing touch to the burial complex.




We are also able to offer:

  • - to manufacture and install welded or forged fence, tables, benches;
  • - a wide selection of monuments from granite and granite chips;
  • - to place kerbs;
  • - to lay paving tiles;
  • - to decorate the grounds with ornamental chips;
  • - to level the plot of land with an additional layer of sand or topsoil;
  • - to carry out minor repairs of the fence and memorial structures;
  • - to lay flowers and wreaths on the grave, to set candles and oil lamps on the date specified by the customer;
  • - transport services to the place of burial and back;
  • - for the visitors from other cities, we offer to meet them, provide transport services and assist with accommodation in the city of Vitebsk.


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