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Company Put k poslednemy prichaly

Arranging and conducting funerals at St. George Orthodox cemetery.



St. George Orthodox cemetery in Vitebsk was opened in 2011. It is 3 km away from the Ruba town towards Ezerische.

A temple is built on the territory of the cemetery where services are held and farewell ceremonies with prayers for the deceased take place. Burial ceremonies at the cemetery follow the Orthodox tradition and are carried out in the presence of a priest.




Representatives of the company UPOVANIE VITEBSK offer to take care of all the arrangements for the funeral.

The burial plot at the cemetery is provided free of charge, pre­booking is available. Specialized equipment and inventory are used during the ceremonial process: singumator – a ceremonial lift is used to lower the tomb into the grave; tent for protection from rain and sunshine, ceremonial pedestal, tables and chairs.


The following services may be offered at the cemetery:


- arranging and conducting the funeral;
- provision of a hearse (a coach);
- improvement of burial plots at the cemetery;
- conclusion of contracts for one­time and regular care of graves;
- reservation of plots for burial;
- conclusion of a contract for one’s funeral in one's lifetime.



For any enquiries regarding arranging and conducting a funeral, please contact us at the address below:

Vitebsk, Chekhov Street, building 19, office 6 (the Administration Building of Diocese of Vitebsk)

 +375 212 36- 56-51

 +375 33 337-37-22; +375 33 337-37-66


We are also able to offer:

  • - to manufacture and install welded or forged fence, tables, benches;
  • - a wide selection of monuments from granite and granite chips;
  • - to place kerbs;
  • - to lay paving tiles;
  • - to decorate the grounds with ornamental chips;
  • - to level the plot of land with an additional layer of sand or topsoil;
  • - to carry out minor repairs of the fence and memorial structures;
  • - to lay flowers and wreaths on the grave, to set candles and oil lamps on the date specified by the customer;
  • - transport services to the place of burial and back;
  • - for the visitors from other cities, we offer to meet them, provide transport services and assist with accommodation in the city of Vitebsk.


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