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The payment is made through WESTERN UNION money transfer system

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After the transfer is completed please inform us about the country and city from which the funds should be received, name and surname of the sender, the amount transferred and the 10 digit transfer code. The amount of the transfer commission may be enquired at the bank and is to be paid by the customer. Quick transfers using Western Union system may be arranged through the banks that support the system. It is widely used and popular.


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We are also able to offer:

  • - to manufacture and install welded or forged fence, tables, benches;
  • - a wide selection of monuments from granite and granite chips;
  • - to place kerbs;
  • - to lay paving tiles;
  • - to decorate the grounds with ornamental chips;
  • - to level the plot of land with an additional layer of sand or topsoil;
  • - to carry out minor repairs of the fence and memorial structures;
  • - to lay flowers and wreaths on the grave, to set candles and oil lamps on the date specified by the customer;
  • - transport services to the place of burial and back;
  • - for the visitors from other cities, we offer to meet them, provide transport services and assist with accommodation in the city of Vitebsk.


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