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Let the memory be eternal and the care - continual
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Someone left the country, someone moved to another city and someone is ill or simply does not have the opportunity to visit and take care of the graves of one’s relatives and loved ones.

It is our direct obligation to maintain the graves of our family and loved ones in a  

decent condition. After all, our children will treat us the 

way we treat our ancestors..


We will help you get rid of the oppressive feeling of mental discomfort coming from the inability to pay tribute to the memory of the people dear to you.


We are a group of people, who are willing and able to give a helping hand to anyone who has lost their relatives but still loves them, remembers them and is grateful for all they have done in the lifetime.

If you are unable to take care of the grave yourself – to weed, to remove the rubbish, to plant flowers, to paint the fence, to straighten the sagging monument - we are ready to help you and take care of all the work and improvements of burial sites in Vitebsk and Vitebsk region.


Our task is to look after the burial place and to maintain it,
using all the skills and putting our heart and soul into it,
so that they know that they are remembered …

We are also able to offer:

  • - to manufacture and install welded or forged fence, tables, benches;
  • - a wide selection of monuments from granite and granite chips;
  • - to place kerbs;
  • - to lay paving tiles;
  • - to decorate the grounds with ornamental chips;
  • - to level the plot of land with an additional layer of sand or topsoil;
  • - to carry out minor repairs of the fence and memorial structures;
  • - to lay flowers and wreaths on the grave, to set candles and oil lamps on the date specified by the customer;
  • - transport services to the place of burial and back;
  • - for the visitors from other cities, we offer to meet them, provide transport services and assist with accommodation in the city of Vitebsk.


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  • I live in New-­York. My mother was buried in Vitebsk at the Jewish cemetery. My friend used to look after her grave but unfortunately she got ill and can not help me any more. My friends advised to call the company "Always remember". At first I was a little dubious that I could get high quality services but when I talked to the staff I realized that I contacted the right people.  I became fully convinced after I looked through the photographs sent as the report. Thank you so much to the staff of the company for their invaluable service, for all your kindness towards people.


    Sincerely, Julia Kogan, New­York

    Sincerely, Julia Kogan, New­York
  • My mother-­in-­law died recently, she was buried in a village. As we have a lot of relatives, they all wanted to come for the 40 days memorial service at the cemetery, my husband and I ordered to manufacture and install the fence, table and benches. All was done on time and very well. The memorial service was conducted at the proper level. We sincerely thank the company "Always remember" for their professionalism.


    The Zakharenko family

    The Zakharenko family
  • Due to the constant lack of time I could not put in order the burial where my relatives were buried. I found out from my friends that there is a firm in Vitebsk which organizes complete improvement and even take care of the graves. I was amazed how quickly and neatly they cleaned up, painted the fence and laid tiles. My heart was relieved, and I am very grateful to the staff of the company "Always remember". You really do very important and needed work.


    Selivanov Nikolai Fedorovich

    Selivanov Nikolai Fedorovich
  • Our grandfather was buried in Kazakhstan. There is no possibility to visit his grave. We asked the employees of the company "Always remember" and they immediately provided us with information about  companies  that  deal  with  looking  after  the  graves  in  the  city  of Almaty. We  contacted  them quickly by telephone. Now our grandfather’s grave is in order. A low bow to you!


    The Prokhorov Family

    The Prokhorov Family
  • For many years coming to the grave of my father I could not recognize his portrait on the memorial ­ he did not resemble himself at all! Then I decided to replace the memorial and contacted the company "Always remember". Everything, including manufacture of the monument, removal and replacement of the fence was done with all one's heart and soul. Thank you for your  creative and constructive approach! Best of luck for your project!


    Sergei Prosteev

    Sergei Prosteev
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